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About us

Fex Trade LTD was incorporated on 18th of April 2017, company number 10727409. is a part of Fex Trade LTD group, and is the internet division of our investment portfolio. Our company focuses on maximising our group income and sharing that income with our potential investors. We are investing mostly in crypto currencies, looking for great opportunities on their exchange rate fluctuation. These days value of crypto currencies can change rapidly, giving experienced investors huge income. We are also trading on Forex market where there is still a lot of opportunities to maximise investor's profit.

Fex Trade LTD is also looking for promising startups. With our investing capabilities, we can aim for long term income based chances. Our research team always looks for the best occasions and investing in young and expanding companies.

Currently, our online division increased our profit around 15% higher. We are aiming to get it up to 25% by the end of the year. We can do that with help of outside investors. The more money we spread around our investment portfolio, the more profit can be shared with our investors.

In our team we are focusing on:

Maximising Investor's income
Wide range of activity
Fast profit distribution

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

Michael Jordan

Meet our team:

FexTrade LTD is all about people. We have about 30 people working on our success. We all are working hard, every day, 7 days a week to make sure our investors will get as much profit from our sales as it is possible. Meet some of us.


George Soleos

Heart and soul of our project. George is the CEO of the company and the company founder. All ideas come from him. Very talented, graduated from Oxford.

Investment manager

Steve Harrison

Steve knows everything about stocks, currencies and money. He has worked on stock markets for over 20 years now. Steve is our investment master, he finds all the great opportunities.


Peter Posnack

If there is a man who knows everything about developing online software, then it's Peter. Without him, our online division would not exist at all. Peter used to work with the biggest IT companies.

Startup research manager

Judith Hollows

Judith is the one who is making our success possible. She is researching across the whole country looking for promising and expanding businesses.

And many more not shown or named here, who all work hard to achieve success for our investors and our company.

United Kingdom

The Spive Building
8 Devonshire Square
Company number 10727409
Company documents Check here

Brazil (Agency)

R. Dep. Euclídes Paes Mendonça
1041-Salgado Filho